COVID-19 Travel Requirements Widget

Keep your travelers up to date with the latest travel requirements and local regulations in any destination.

COVID-19 Travel Requirements

Provide your customers peace of mind about their next trip and inform them about the latest travel restrictions to any destination (country or regional level).

Help your travelers take the stress out of planning! 

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What makes our COVID-19 Travel Requirements Solution unique?

  1. Quick go-to-market.
    • Implementation in 2-3 days using our widgets
    • In any digital touchpoint (web, app, chatbot, email, private areas …) 
  2. Content Quality:
    • Always official & confirmed info ( IATA + Government websites)
    • Automatic checks every hour
    • We enhance the content using Government websites (curated regions) 
  3. Quality Process: Manual monitoring and validation of entry restrictions.
  4. Ad-hoc information exclusive of each airline (HUBs) can be included
  5. Constant innovation and product updates.
  6. Destination content integration. Provide inspiration to your travelers with the best events, plans, and experiences in your destinations at any stage of their journey.

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